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Payment Terms

Effective Date: 21st day of January, 2024

Payment Terms Policy - THERASOL -

1. Project Work:

A 50% deposit is required to commence any project work.
The balance, along with applicable HST, is due upon project completion.
Overages up to +/- 10% of the project estimate will be adjusted accordingly.

2. Social Media and Google Positioning Services:

Payment in full is required one month prior to the scheduled content publication.


3. Digital Marketing Fees:

Digital marketing fees are outlined in individual service agreements.
Payment terms for digital marketing services will be specified within the respective agreement.
Clients are encouraged to review their specific digital marketing service agreement for detailed fee structures.

4. Keeping Client Credit Card on File:

THERASOL - may request to keep client credit card information on file for the purpose of processing recurring payments.
The stored credit card information will be handled securely and in compliance with industry standards.

5. Disclosure of Hosting Reseller Relationship:

THERASOL - is a brand owned and operated by Atlantic Online Fairlead Marketing Inc.
Atlantic Online Fairlead Marketing Inc. acts as a reseller of certain website hosting plans used for THERASOL designed websites.
Clients are informed of this hosting reseller relationship for transparency.

Additional Notes:

Clients are advised to refer to their individual contracts for any supplementary terms and conditions.
All payments should be made in the currency specified in the contract.
Late payments may be subject to applicable fees as outlined in the contract.


Please review your contract for a comprehensive understanding of all terms and conditions. THERASOL - reserves the right to amend these payment terms as needed and will communicate any changes in advance.

Thank you for choosing THERASOL - We appreciate your commitment and look forward to delivering exceptional services to enhance your online presence.

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