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Digital Marketing for Registered Counselling Therapists (CA)

Under the ownership and operation of Nova Scotia-based Atlantic Online Fairlead Marketing Inc., our commitment resonates with the profound link between happiness, well-being, and mental health. In unison, we champion mental well-being, reinforcing our collective dedication to cultivating a healthier and happier society.


THERASOL was developed in a seaside studio in Nova Scotia, and we take great pride in serving the esteemed community of Registered Counselling Therapists in Canada.

At THERASOL, we are dedicated to creating secure online marketing solutions for the Canadian Registered Counselling Therapist community. 

What We Provide 

Elevate your practice with our Website Design service. Tailored for therapists, our expertly crafted websites engage your audience, starting at $900. 

Website Design


Maximize your online presence with our Google Search Positioning service and elevate your visibility, making it easier for potential clients to discover and connect with your therapy practice. 

Google Positioning


Enhance your online presence with our SEO Content / Blog Articles, tailored for mental health professionals. Expertly crafted content engages your audience + boosts search engine visibility, driving more traffic to your website. 

SEO Content


Your brand, present across Facebook & Instagram, reaching new audiences, featuring weekly story-telling posts, coupled with targeted Meta Ads for maximum impact.

Social Media Positioning


Personalized Email Marketing service, tailored for mental health professionals, can strengthen connections with clients, while fostering engagement and loyalty. 

Email Marketing


Join us in shaping a future where your expertise reaches those seeking the support they deserve.

At THERASOL, we serve as connectors, using digital marketing to help Registered Counselling Therapists (RCTs) connect with a wider audience seeking their services. 

Our Creative Founders

Meet Shelley Bellefontaine, the multi-talented Founder of THERASOL and creative force behind Atlantic Online Fairlead Marketing Inc. As a web designer, certified adult educator, and digital marketer, Shelley's diverse skill set and dynamic leadership ensure innovative solutions for our clients.

Shelley Bellefontaine

Founder / Digital Marketing Architect

Introducing Morgan Fraser, Digital Marketing Coordinator at THERASOL, who is also responsible for our seamless client onboarding process. Additionally, he specializes in developing SEO-centric and high-converting websites, along with the implementation of various digital marketing solutions.

Morgan Fraser

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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