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Hello, from THERASOL!

It was a pleasure speaking with you recently; thank you very much for time. As discussed, we are happy to share detailed information about our prices, as noted below.

Feel free to book a follow-up call to discuss further details or, if you prefer, complete our intake form. Both options are conveniently located at the bottom of this page.

We appreciate your keen interest in supporting THERASOL - Marketing For Therapists. If you have any questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out.

And, in the interest of full transparency, please review our Payment Terms.

THERASOL Market Readiness Assessment

Market Readiness Assessment (Optional)

We conduct a thorough assessment of the marketplace to determine your market position as compared to your competitors, including an analysis of the most relevant keywords. We include an SEO assessment of your website, together with recommendations on moving forward.  Key deliverables included in the Market Readiness Assessment are:

Industry Analysis

  • Identify and understand current market trends.

  • Recognize key opportunities and potential threats.

  • Evaluate market size and growth potential.


Competitor Analysis

  • Profile main competitors and their market positioning.

  • Benchmark your business against industry leaders.

  • Identify gaps in the market that your business can fill.


Keyword Analysis

  • Discover high-impact keywords relevant to your industry.

  • Optimize content to improve search engine rankings.

  • Analyze competitor keyword strategies for better targeting.

Craft Compelling Marketing Messages

  • Engage Your Audience: Create messages that resonate with your target market and capture their attention.

  • Boost Conversion Rates: Develop persuasive copy that drives action and increases conversion rates.

  • Enhance Brand Voice: Ensure consistency in your brand's voice and tone across all marketing channels.


Minimum (3 products) $650

Maximum (4-10 products) $1,200

Note: The onboarding fee typically applied to future website or growth plan purchases is waived with the purchase of a Market Readiness Report.

THERASOL Website Plans* for RCTs (CA)

1-Page Website - $900*

Experience a sleek and impactful online presence with our Single Page Website – concise, compelling, and fully optimized for search, bringing your expertise to the forefront.

3-Page Website - $2500*

Unveil the essence of your practice with our 3-Page Website, thoughtfully crafted, complete with a blog and SEO optimization for enhanced discoverability and engagement.

5-Page Website - $4250*

Elevate your online identity with our 5-Page Website – a dynamic space where your narrative unfolds, accompanied by a blog and SEO optimization for an influential digital footprint.

10+Page Website - $7500+*

Immerse your clients in a comprehensive online journey with our 10-Page Website. Featuring a blog and full SEO, it's the ultimate platform to foster meaningful connections.

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Schedule a Follow-Up?

Book a time through our calendar to further discuss how our services can support your counseling practice.

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Complete the client intake form below to start your project. A member of our onboarding team will confirm next steps, as determined by your plan choices.

Welcome to THERASOL!

Client Intake Form

Please complete the following intake form to begin your project with THERASOL. We will follow-up with you and schedule a formal kick-off call for your project.

THERASOL Digital Growth Plans* for RCTs (CA)

​Organic Social Media*

​3 Posts/Week on 2 Channels - $750/month
2 Posts/Week on 2 Channels - $500/month

1 Post/Week on 2 Channels - $300/month
Amplify your online presence with our Organic Social Media package – we will deliver three engaging posts per week on Facebook and Instagram, totalling 24 thoughtfully curated posts to elevate your brand and connect with your audience.

​Paid Social Media - $450 per ad*

​1 Paid Ad on Facebook & Instagram
​Supercharge your online impact and harness the power of targeted Meta Ads to reach your specific audience. Elevate your brand and connect with the right clientele through strategic and impactful social media advertising. Fee includes ad design, copywriting, ad placement/setup on Meta, oversight and month end report. Ad spend is charged to client credit card by Meta at end of each campaign.

​SEO / Blogging - $250 per article*

​1 Blog Article + Social Posting
​Elevate your online presence with regular, SEO-optimized blog posts to engage your audience while enhancing your search engine visibility, driving more traffic to your website. Blog posts are 500 - 700 words, max. We will post the approved blog to your website, and cross add to your social media timeline as an organic post.

​Google Ads Positioning $500 1x fee + Monthly Ad Spend

​Search Response Ads
​Catapult your visibility with our Google Ads Positioning package. Leverage strategic ad placements to ensure your therapy practice is prominently featured in search. This service includes positioning one Google search ad, keyword research, and account setup. Monthly ad spend is charged to client credit card by Google at end of each month of campaign.

SEO Audit - $450

An SEO Audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website's search engine optimization performance. This service identifies issues and opportunities for improving your site's visibility and ranking on search engines. Our SEO Audit includes a detailed review of on-page elements like meta tags, content quality, and keyword usage; an assessment of technical SEO factors such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, and crawlability; an analysis of backlink profiles; and competitor benchmarking. We also provide actionable recommendations to enhance your SEO strategy. This is a one-time, in-depth SEO Audit, ensuring you receive expert insights and a clear roadmap to boost your online presence.

THERASOL Digital Growth Plan Bundles* for RCTs (CA)

​​Social Blend (Organic + Paid Plan) - $650*

​1 Paid Ad + 4 Organic Posts / per mo.
​Strike the perfect balance with our Social Blend package – featuring the synergy of one powerful Paid Ad coupled with four engaging Organic Social Media Posts, scheduled on a monthly rotation across 2 social media channels.

​Social Blend + Blog Plan - $750*

​1 Paid Ad + 4 Organic Posts + 1 Blog / per mo.
Strike the perfect balance with our Social Blend package – featuring the synergy of one powerful Paid Ad coupled with four engaging Organic Social Media Posts, scheduled on a monthly rotation across 2 social media channels, and 1 SEO-optimized Blog article that we will publish to your website, and post organically on social media.

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*Onboarding fee of $350 applicable on all new accounts.

*Domain Name (Acquisition + Renewal) and Hosting plans are available; we are happy to assist.

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